Back To The Future!

Proverbs 3:5-6 (KJV) “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.  In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.”

So, what’s the right answer to modernizing your “image”?  If God is in your ministry, do you need anything more?  That question has been occupying much of my brain power for the last couple of months. 

I have met a new friend who is a marketing professional, he is strongly suggesting that we, the trio, update our image and “brand”.  Homeward Bound Trio is celebrating it’s 31st year and we do need some, I stress some, updating.  In the world we live in today, we need to be current and relevant. 

The million dollar question and the subject of much prayer is, how much to change and what to leave alone.  Our niche is and always has been, Southern Gospel inspired, spirit filled and lead traveling music ministry.  God has repeatedly opened doors for us to minister in rural, mostly older and well established churches.  We absolutely love that group of people and would not consider changing that; but, to be more visible in this computer age we are working on updating our FaceBook page, website and getting new photo’s.  All of these things are good and reasonable. 

The cost of doing this can be a little daunting and challenging.  We have never, and will continue this policy, charged a booking fee.  That being said, our finances are tight.  The amazing handling of the finances these many years have gotten us to the place where we can afford some of these changes but not all. 

The real trick is figuring out what is truly necessary and what is “a good idea”.  If I had enough faith, I would jump into the deep in and go all in with the changes.  Unfortunately, my faith concerning this issue gets my feet wet in the shallow end. 

Has God been nudging you to new depths or pushing you out of your comfort zone?  Remember the scripture we started with, it’s a great reminder in times like these. Please watch us on FaceBook and check out our website as we evolve and modernize our social media presence.  I’m excited to see what direction and path He opens up for us as a trio.

New CD project “Through the Storm” underway and moving along nicely.  We are anticipating a September 2017 release.  

May God Bless you and keep you in the 2017!