The Homeward Bound Trio was formed as a Gospel group in November, 1986 by Dave Riley (bass) and Ed Arrington (baritone). Michael Owens made up the original Homeward Bound Trio. Dave and Ed had sung together as the Sonlight Trio in the 1970's.

Michael Owens left the group in 1994 due to family obligations. Ed Parrish, tenor, was selected to join the Trio in 1994. Ed and Glenda Parrish attended the Fellowship Community Church at the time he joined. They now attend the New Hope Community Church in Aurora, Colorado.

In the year 2000, Ed Arrington moved to Jacksonville, Florida, due to his wife's health. After prayerful consideration, Ron McDuff joined the Homeward Bound Trio as the baritone in 2001. Ron and his wife, Linda, attend the Longmont Nazarene Church in Longmont, Colorado. The wives have always played a vital role of support in the ministry.

Dave Riley retired from the group in November, 2006, after twenty years with the Homeward Bound Trio. He and his wife, Rose, have been greatly missed.

By November, 2006, twenty years later, Homeward Bound Trio had sung 153 songs in 579 concerts in 203 churches or other venues, in 99 cities/towns, in 15 States and 2 countries. In the first concert, the group did 5 songs and in the first year did 4 concerts. In those early days the group used whatever sound equipment was available when singing. As God blessed the ministry, the purchase of sound equipment was a big advantage. By the end of 2009, the Trio had scheduled 805 concerts/services to date.

Lyle Jackson joined the group and sang bass from October, 2010, to December, 2012.

Ed and Ron continued the ministry and prayed as they searched for a new bass singer to complete the trio.  God's answers sometimes look a little different than what we are expecting and in Novemer, 2012, Cheryl Saur, alto, became the first woman to sing with Homeward Bound Trio.  She and her husband Michael live in Strasburg.  They are members of Strasburg Community Church where Cheryl was singing on the Praise Team and Michael serves as an elder.

The Homeward Bound Trio ministry has been primarily to smaller congregations now in 17 states. We also minister in prisons and jails during each year. The prison ministry usually consists of singing and teaching seminars. We also minister in nursing homes and assisted living facilities during the year. We have had opportunity to not only bring messages in song, but to share personal words of testimony and to preach. Through all the areas of ministry, God has allowed us to travel using love offerings provided.

While The Homeward Bound Trio has ministered in many venues, God is leading us to schedule revival services with both singing and preaching. While we are currently in this ministry part-time, God continues to keep us extremely busy.


Edwin (and the late Glenda) Parrish,
Tenor Singer

Ed and Glenda Parrish


Ed and Glenda were married on August 31, 1979. In May, 1981, we moved to Aurora, Colorado. I have worked for Prologix, a magazine and book distributor for some 21 1/2 years. In November, 2011, Glenda retired from the Colorado Department of Health and Environment. She worked for the state for over 19 years. We have three daughters, Rebecca, Amber, and Kimberly. We, also have, two granddaughters, Sheridan and Savannah. We are grateful to God that they all live, with their spouses, in the Denver area, so we can enjoy time with them.

We discovered Glenda has MS in the mid-1980's. She had her initial exacerbations in the early 1970's, and it has lain dormant until recently it has begun to affect her short-term memory. However, God, in His infinite mercy, is keeping watch over us.

I manage the musical arrangement and the accounting end of The Homeward Bound Trio. We consider our spouses integral parts of The Homeward Bound Trio, though you will not see them on the platform singing. Without their support we could not do this ministry.

We are members of New Hope Community Church, where we have been attending for two years. I sing with the church choir, when we are not "on the road". This is a Reformed Church of America. I was raised Catholic and Glenda as a Southern Baptist. Since my conversion in January, 1990, we have attended a Conservative Baptist church, a United Methodist church, an Evangelical Free Church, and a Lutheran Bretheran Church. Some might say we can't get along with anybody, while others might say we epitomize the line from the song, "Don't Sit in MY Pew", 'It was the Ebenezer Fellowship, Non-denominational, Bapticostal, Free-will Church!'

We cannot tell you what great joy God has given us to share The Homeward Bound Trio ministry with you, these last 18 years. We will continue to sing and minister with you for as long as God sees fit to use us. We extend our thanks to Him and to you who invite us. It is our joy to serve God and you.

Glenda passed from this life in the Spring of 2017.


Ron and Linda McDuff,
Baritone Singer

Ron and Linda McDuff

Ron and Linda have been married for over 48 years. They have two children and 4 grandchildren.

Ron is an Ordained Elder and currently a licensed as a Song Evangelist with Church of the Nazarene. Ron is currently a member at the Longmont Nazarene Church.  

Ron is retired.  He previously was employed by Umpqua Feather Merchants as an Accounts Receivable clerk. He also was previously employed in technical field as Quality Manager/Engineer.

Linda is retired from Montgomery Wards. She is currently the agent for The Homeward Bound Trio and the runs the sound system.

Ron graduated from Nazarene Bible College in Colorado Springs in Pastoral Prep and Biblical/Musical studies. He graduated from Colorado Tech University in Colorado Springs with BS in Electrical/Telecommunications Engineering and from Front Range Community College with AS in Accounting.

Ron has served as an Interim Worship Pastor, Church Board member, teacher, Adult Director, Worship Leader, Praise Team/Choir member. He previously sung with Roach Family and Loyal Heart singers.


Cheryl and Michael Saur,
Agent, Alto Singer

Cheryl and Michael Saur

Cheryl is a native of Colorado who left the state for almost 30 years. While out of the state I joined the Navy, got married, travelled the world and raised 3 children.

My love of music has kept me involved in a variety of musical endeavors. Most recently I have been serving on the praise team at my church. The last few years, my passion for music ministry has had me on a quest towards becoming a true worshipper of The Most High God. I view my inclusion in the Homeward Bound Trio as an honor and a challenge. My ear lends itself easily to harmony and I am looking forward to blending my voice into this exciting ministry.

I bring with me on this journey my husband of 26 years, Michael, who is a 23 year Navy Veteran. His support and love are invaluable. He works as a systems engineer in the Denver area and is a valued member of our church and the community.